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ISBN Title Edition Format
9780702196096 Against Global Apartheid: South Africa meets the World Bank, IMF and International Finance 1 PDF
9781919895666 Anatomy of a South African Genocide, The 1 EPUB
9781775822219 Building and Evaluating Research Capacity in Healthcare Systems 1 PDF
9781919895741 Burdened by Race: Coloured identities in Southern Africa 1 EPUB
9781920541248 Cities with 'Slums': From informal settlement eradication to a right to the city in Africa 1 EPUB
9781775820529 Consolidating Developmental Local Government: Lessons from the South African experience 1 PDF
9781775821113 Courage of || Kabbo: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Specimens of Bushman Folklore 1 PDF
9781920499945 Dance of Life: The novels of Zakes Mda in post-apartheid South Africa 1 EPUB
9781919895864 Dictionary of South African Indian English, A 1 EPUB
9781775822226 Domains of Freedom: Justice, Citizenship and Social Change in South Africa 1 PDF
9781920499884 Emerging Researcher, The: Nurturing passion, developing skills, producing output 1 PDF
9781485115687 Eskom: Electricity and Technopolitics in South Africa 1 PDF
9781485122319 Evolution’s Chimera – Bats and the marvel of evolutionary adaptation 1 PDF 
9781920516567 Failure of Decentralisation in South African Government 1 PDF
9781775820574 Falls the Shadow: Between the promise and the reality of the South African Constitution 1 PDF
9781775820499 Food for Africa: The life and work of a scientist in GM crops 1 EPUB
9781920516628 Friend or foe? Dominant party systems in southern Africa: Insights from the developing world 1 EPUB
9781920516611 From Boys to Men: Social construction of masculinity in contemporary society 1 PDF
9781775821472 From Man to Man or Perhaps Only 1 PDF 
9781775821724 Germany's Genocide of the Herero: Kaiser Wilhelm II, his general, his settlers, his soldier 1 PDF
9781775821977 Growing the Next Generation of Researchers  1 PDF
9781775820864 Greening the SA economy 1 PDF 
9781775822295 History of the Iziko South African National Gallery: Reflections on Art and National Identity, A  1 PDF
9781775821991 Hostels, Homes, Museums: Memorialising migrant labour pasts in Lwandle, South Africa 1 PDF
9781919895772 HIV/Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa: Understanding the implications of culture and context 1 EPUB
9781775821519 In Search of Equality: Woman, law and society in Africa 1 PDF
9781775821434 Innovation and Intellectual Property: Collaborative dynamics in Africa 1 EPUB
9781920516673 Jacketed Women: Qualitiative research methodologies on secualities and gender in Africa 1 PDF
9781920541682 Just Transitions: Explorations of sustainability in an unfair world 1 EPUB
9781919895765 Land, Power and Custom: Controversies generated by South Africa's Communal Land Rights Act 1 EPUB
9781920516505 Nadine Gordimer: Weaving together fiction, women and politics 1 EPUB
9781919895642 Nature Divided: Land degradation in South Africa 1 EPUB
9781775821410 On Military Culture: Theory, practice and African armed forces 1 EPUB
9781775820895 Outposts of Progress: Joseph Conrad, Modernism and Post-colonialism 1 PDF
9781775820642 Post-conflict Reconstruction and Development in Africa: Concepts, role-players, policy and practice 1 PDF
9781920541293 Public Works and Social Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: Do public works work for the poor? 1 EPUB
9781920541668 Public Works and Social Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: Do public works work for the poor?  1 PDF
9781485115595 Rape Unresolved 1 EPUB
9781775821557 Rape Unresolved 1 PDF 
9781920499792 Restricted Radio License for Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilots 1 EPUB
9781775820536 Rethinking Leadership 1 PDF
9781920516543 Rural Resistance in South Africa: The Mpondo revolts after fifty years 1 PDF
9781775821649 Sharing Benefits from the Coast: Rights, resources and livelihoods 1 PDF
9781919895727 South Africa and Contemporary Counterinsurgency: Roots, practices, prospects 1 EPUB
9781920499761 South Africa Pushed to the Limit: The political economy of change 1 EPUB
9781920516642 Southern African Liberation Struggles: New local, regional and global perspectives 1 EPUB
9781775820611 Steward Leadership: A maturational perspective 1 PDF
9781485115717 Strategic Corporal Revisited: Challenges for Combatants in 21st-Century Warfare, The 1 PDF
9781920541255 Substance Use and Abuse in South Africa: Insights from brain and behavioural sciences 1 EPUB
9781920541125 Traditional African Religions in South African Law 1 EPUB
9781775821687 Victoria Mxenge Housing Project 1 PDF
9781919895987 Written Culture in a Colonial Context: Africa and the Americas, 1500-1900 1 EPUB
9781920541286 Youth Violence: Sources and solutions in South Africa 1 EPUB