About the Key Links series

The Key Links Graded Reading Series which is available in English, Afrikaans and Zulu encourages explicit teaching through engaging fiction and nonfiction texts and develops learners’ language, literature and literacy strategies and skills. The series consists of 128 Foundation Phase graded readers, 36 Intermediate Phase graded readers and 24 Shared Readers or Big Books. Easy-to-access prompts focus teacher–learner discussions to maximise teaching opportunities. They are language-rich, humorous and filled with lively, rhythmical, rhyming text.

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What makes Key Links truly different for learners?

The books

  • The humorous fiction titles and fascinating non-fiction titles engage readers.
  • The wrap-around covers increase excitement and add information about the book before reading.
  • There is a good balance of fiction and non-fiction titles at each level.

The design

  • The design is cutting edge, to appeal to young, visually savvy learners. Features include speech bubbles, variety of fonts and design, and non-fiction features.

Documentary-Style Non-Fictions

  • To make non-fiction more accessible to beginner readers, Key Links uses a documentary style.
  • Using a ‘case study’ approach, experiences of animals or people are recounted to give students a more familiar story-like feel.

What makes Key Links truly different for teachers?

The Focus Panel provides practical support ‘on the page’.
The FOCUS PANELS provide prompts to use:

  • PREVIEW – before reading
  • VIEW – during reading
  • REVIEW – after reading

The prompts focus on:

  • oral language – thinking and talking about text
  • comprehension strategies – making meaning
  • processing skills – unlocking the text
  • vocabulary and letter-sound relationships in context
  • reading fluency
  • writing letters, words and word families

The prompts for non-fiction titles focus students on:

  • clarifying and building vocabulary
  • ‘reading’ the non-fiction features
  • making connections
  • forming opinions
  • making inferences
  • comparing and contrasting
  • posing questions
  • summarising

The Key Links Benchmark Kit

The Key Links Benchmark Kit contains nine books, colour coded to align with and cover all the Key Links Graded Readers’ colour bands and levels. Teachers will be able to:

  • Measure learner performance
  • Develop learner-centric assessments
  • Use various reading approaches
  • Assess and evaluate learners’ with the provided resources continuously and accurately
Key Links Benchmark Pack

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Paired Activities

  • each title includes a paired activity to practice oral language and reinforce comprehension.

Independent Activities

  • each title includes an independent activity that encourages learners to develop their critical thinking skills and expand their horizons.


  • advanced titles includes a glossary of new words to build learners’ vocabulary.

Guided Reading

  • Levelled fiction and non-fiction
  • Scaffolded skills, strategies and processes
  • Opportunities for explicit teaching through prompts for speaking, listening, reading and writing

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Shared Reading

Specifically model language, literature, literacy skills and strategies in context

  • 24 books
  • 4 ‘age-appropriate’ levels

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