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Juta Education has several series that focus on developing literacy through reading for comprehension. Juta Education represents several major international educational publishers, and stocks a comprehensive range of resources of the highest quality specifically for southern African schools. Bookmark this page to keep up to date with our latest products and developments in the education sector.

The Key Links series

The Key Links Graded Reading Series which is available in English, Afrikaans and Zulu encourages explicit teaching through engaging fiction and nonfiction texts and develops learners’ language, literature and literacy strategies and skills. The series consists of 128 Foundation Phase graded readers, 36 Intermediate Phase graded readers and 24 Shared Readers or Big Books. Easy-to-access prompts focus teacher–learner discussions to maximise teaching opportunities. They are language-rich, humorous and filled with lively, rhythmical, rhyming text.

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The Into Connectors and Connectors series

Into Connectors introduces students to the Reciprocal Reading approach in a very supportive way that is easy to implement. For many students this may be the first time they have worked independently without the teacher. The topics are specifically chosen to stimulate discussion and thinking. Recommended for Students 8+ years. Before reading, students select a coloured ‘leadership’ icon. When a student’s coloured icon appears on a spread, they become the leader of the discussion for that page. Students are provided with detailed prompts throughout the books to assist in initiating meaningful group discussion.

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The Flixies series

Flixies addresses two very important challenges in our Education System, namely, reading without comprehension and environmental issues. Seven critical Thinking Skills have been identified through which this series endeavours to teach reading comprehension in the intermediate phase.

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