The UCT Press Editorial Board is composed of the following academics from the

University of Cape Town:

A/Prof Dick Ng’ambi (Chair) (School of Education)
A/Prof Mohamed Adhikari  (Department of Historical Studies)
Prof Fiona Ross (Social Anthropology)
Prof Anthony Black (School of Economics)
Prof Raj Mesthrie (Department of Linguistics)
A/Prof Adam Haupt (School of Film and Media Studies)
Prof Rashida Manjoo (Department of Public Law)
Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng (DVC, Research and Internationalisation)
Ms G Thomas (Executive Director, Libraries)


The Editorial Board members comment on publishing proposals, suggest peer reviewers, approve manuscripts on evidence provided in the peer-review reports, champion UCT Press and encourage academics to submit manuscripts for publication with UCT Press.


Editorial Board members will not undertake to peer review manuscripts themselves, but if these fall within their area of expertise they may add their views to those of the peer reviewers.


The UCT Press Editorial Board meets quarterly, in February, May, August and November. However, publishing proposals may be submitted for consideration at any time.