Custom Solutions

  • Juta is able to customise products when there is not a published book which is suitable for a particular module or course.
  • As a result of our extensive back list of comprehensive content, we supply the institution with content from different Juta publications which could cover the specific module or course.
  • Once suitable content has been selected by the responsible lecturer we put all the content into an electronic draft format.
  • In some cases, the lecturer(s) can add additional content where particular topics have not been addressed.
  • When they are satisfied with the content, it is edited and subjected to our standard production and quality processes.
  • The new content selection becomes a new publication with a new suitable title and cover and ISBN.
  • Customised products may take different formats: print, ebook or elearning.
  • Where appropriate, the customising lecturers may also share in a portion of the royalties with the original authors.